Your Stay with Us


We will do our best to make your stay at the International Hospital of Bahrain comfortable and memorable. Let us know how we can serve you best, and if you have any particular wishes that we can fulfil to make your stay comfortable and convenient - not only for you but for your family and visitors too. We request you to kindly follow our policies and procedures to help ensure your safety and comfort, as well as the welfare of other patients.


•If you need surgery under anaesthesia, your physician will arrange an appointment for you with an Anaesthetist to do a ´pre-op evaluation´. Our Business Center Officer will assist you with your financial or insurance requirements.
•Settlement of charges for hospitalisation and packages is on a prepaid basis, and you are expected to make payment arrangements prior to admission. If your costs are covered by one of our preferred insurance providers, we will take care of the formalities on your behalf, and seek the required approvals required prior to your admission.
Consent Forms
•You will be asked to sign consent forms for certain types of treatment and/or procedures. Your physician will fully explain the planned treatment and/or procedures to you. It is important for you to understand the risks, benefits and alternatives available to you.
•All patient rooms have an en-suite bathroom, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a refrigerator and a closet for personal belongings. Your bed and your bathroom have a nurse-call facility that rings at the Nurse Station should you require assistance. The bed also has side rails for your safety. Please use them when instructed to do so. Telephone calls are billed to your final account and must be settled at the time of discharge.
•If there are any maintenance, housekeeping or customer service issues, please inform the nurse assigned to you or the Customer Service Manager. Your room is cleaned on a daily basis and more often if required.
Care Coordination
•Together with your physician, our assigned nurse, or our social worker will liaise with you to prepare for your care after your hospital stay. We recognize that most patients expect to return home after hospitalization, and we are able to help after discharge if this is  needed.
•Our nursing leaders or social workers can help if you are not sure that you or a family member will be able to manage safely at home. We will work with you to review your care needs, and to start planning your discharge to home, or your transfer to another facility if required.
•A stay in the hospital can be a stressful experience. Also, personal and financial problems may add to your concerns. Our social workers are available to help you and give you resource information.
•The social worker will visit you daily. Please discuss with her any advice or support you may need. She is there to assist you and to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
Food and Nutrition Services
•If you are on a regular or special diet you may select your next days´ meal from the daily menu presented each morning. If you require a menu tailored to your specific medical needs a registered Dietician is available to assist you. Guest meals are available upon request for visitors Electrical appliances such as kettles or toasters must not be brought to the Hospital. Fast food (junk food) is not permitted into the Hospital. Room service and guest trays are billed separately and should be settled at the time of discharge.
•If you have any questions regarding your diet prior to discharge please discuss these with the clinical dietician. If you find you need to return to the International Hospital of Bahrain for additional dietary instructions please ask for an appointment with the Outpatient Clinic Nutrition Services. Please telephone Central Booking on 17-598200 to book an appointment.
Meal Service
•For your safety as well as for sanitary purposes, the nutrition aides who serve you will only handle food trays during the meal service. Your assigned nurse will adjust your tray or your bed and ensure you are ready and comfortable for your meal. Our clinical dietitian will visit you daily for any additional assistance with your food selections.
•Be sure to check with your assigned nurse before eating any food items brought by a family member or visitor.
Café Layal
•Open daily from 9am - 8:00pm. Located on the ground floor adjacent to the Main Reception Lobby Café Layal provides patients (with the permission of their attending physician) and visitors with daytime and evening snacks as well as hot and cold beverages.
Diabetes Nutrition Class
•The International Hospital of Bahrain offers a group-based educational classes on nutrition and diabetes. During your stay, you and your family members and guests are encouraged to attend this class. Ask your nutritionist or assigned nurse about these classes.
Private Nurses
•Patients nurses are not allowed by law to practice at the International Hospital of Bahrain.
Private Care Givers
•Private Care Givers are allowed to assist a private patient, as per the policy of the Hospital. You must submit your application to bring your own private Care Giver to the Nurse Manager. Please inform the Admission Officer at the time of admission, or the Nurse Manager, of your intention to bring a private Care Giver. Private Care Givers must be interviewed by the Director of Nursing to assess the Care Givers level of competency and to establish the scope of the work that the Hospital will allow them to perform. An ID badge, issued by the Hospital, must be worn at all times by the private Care Giver whilst at the Hospital.