Your Experience At Hospital

We dedicate ourselves, at the International Hospital of Bahrain, to provide you with the highest standards of safe and quality healthcare; with a unique hospitality experience.
We are aware that a hospital stay may be a strange emotional experience for you. Each member of our staff, regardless of his or her position or status, will personally commit to make your stay the most positive experience possible, for you and for your family.
During your stay with us, we ask you to participate in our Patient Satisfaction survey. We appreciate very much having your comments, feedback or suggestions regarding the care and services we provide. Your thoughts will direct us to focus on our services for improvement. We always listen to what you tell us, and truly appreciate your feedback, which is very important in our journey to excellence.
Have our services met your expectations? Were we below the mark in certain areas? Or, have we, as we do in most cases, exceeded your expectations? We train our staff to act on your wishes to provide you, and the community we serve, an excellent service that constantly evolves towards being the very best.

We are Here to Assist You


At the International Hospital of Bahrain we will spare no effort to assist you in any way we can. We dedicate ourselves to your service, aspiring for your satisfaction, and to provide you with the safest and highest standards of quality healthcare delivered with a unique hospitality experience.

• Should you have pain, please do not put up with it. Let us evaluate it, and relieve any pain you may be experiencing


• If you find it difficult to move around in your room or reach the bathroom, for any reason, please let us know, and we will take care of the situation.


• As an inpatient, sometimes you find it difficult to find a comfortable position. Please let us know as we can help you, using certain aids, and move you to a more comfortable position


• If you need any help or information with your medication, please share this with us, and we can provide any needed and/or scheduled medications or information.


• We will always make sure that your call light, telephone, and any other needs are available to you. You also make sure that they are always within your easy reach.


• Please do not hesitate or shy off from asking questions. Ask if there is anything else you need, or if you have any queries.


• Always liaise with your treating physician, nurse, clinical dietician and social worker, if necessary. You will always have an attending Physician who is responsible for your medical care, and a nurse in charge for your care and stay.