Your Discharge

Planning for your discharge begins on admission, and is a critical part of your care. Your assigned nurse and social worker will co-ordinate with you, your physician, and your family to help plan for your discharge. There are, however some practical tips that you may want to consider before this stage.

On the Day of Your Discharge

•Discuss with your assigned nurse, social worker or physician, any special services, supplies, materials, or equipment that may be needed within the home environment relevant to your needs or abilities.

•Listen carefully to the instructions provided about medications before going home. Ask as many questions as needed in order to understand the dosages, side effects, refill prescriptions. Take-home medications will be given before discharge.

•Make the necessary financial arrangements so that accounts can be settled easily at the time of discharge. Self-pay patients will receive a final invoice and a receipt for payment made.

•Think about how best you can be transported home and discuss your options with your assigned nurse or social worker.

•In the event that you wish to be discharged against medical advice (DAMA) you should complete and sign the DAMA Form.

•Upon discharge, you will be provided with a Discharge Summary Report.


Requesting A Medical Report

A discharge report will be presented to you prior to your discharge from hospital. This report is complimentary. You may request a more detailed or a specific medical report from your physician at any time, by completing the ´Request For Medical Report´ form. There is a nominal charge for this type of medical report. Please contact the Patient Services staff in the Main Lobby, or telephone 17-598222, for assistance.