Your Admissions

You are likely to be admitted in one of two ways: 


As An Elective Admission:

•Elective admission is planned in advance. It allows for pre-admission testing and evaluation, administrative approval, operating room scheduling and bed assignment.


As An Emergency Admission:

•In this case, it would be preferable for you to have a family member or friend accompany you, for them to assist with the information about your circumstances surrounding the emergency, and required administrative details.

Admission Procedure

We will arrange your admission to be as easy as possible. The admission procedure will take place in the Patient Services Area. The Admitting Officer will assist you. You will be responsible for: 

•Completing and signing consent forms; these consent forms will become part of your electronic medical record (EMR)


•Supplying at least one form of legal identification. Accepted forms include your CPR card, driver´s license, passport, or birth certificate


•Advising us of any special food requirements and/or food allergies


•Informing us about any advance directive, if applicable


If your health insurance company requires pre-authorisation the Admission Officer will assist you. Except for an emergency admission, your insurance company pre-authorisation is required prior to admission. 

Please see Health Insurance for additional information. 

To contact the Health Insurance Office please dial extension 596, or call direct on 17-598216. 



What to Bring on Admission

•You only need to bring a few personal items with you. The most important is a list of all the medications, including any herbal medications, that you are currently taking. Do not bring any medications to the hospital unless the doctor gives an instruction to do so. If you do bring medicines we will arrange to store these for you, or ask a family member to take them home. You should bring a robe, slippers, night and undergarments, and reading material. Hospital gowns are provided. A complimentary personal hygiene kit will be provided to you, which includes a dental kit, shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, shower gel, shaving kit, comb, and more.



What Not to Bring to the Hospital

•Please do not bring valuables, jewelry, electronics or large amounts of money. Although we will exercise care in protecting them, the Hospital is not responsible for securing or replacing any personal items or valuables during your stay.