Web Nursery

Welcome to our online Newborn Nursery. We are pleased to offer this service to all new parents who delivered their wonderful bundles of joy at the International Hospital of Bahrain.

  • There is no charge for posting baby pictures on the website. The parents simply fill-out a consent form, and the photos go on the nursery web-page in a timely fashion, usually within 24 hours. Typically photos remain on the web page for about three months.
  • Likewise, we recognize the sensibilities of our community; thus, only photos of babies whose parents have signed the consent form are posted here. This explains the very limited number of postings.
  • In cases where parents have agreed to post their new born´s pictures, we have excluded the names of parents from the baby´s displayed information as a respect for their privacy. Please see our Web Nursery Rules for details.
  • Want to see some beautiful babies? Visit our Web Nursery now and see the babies.