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The International Hospital of Bahrain (IHB) achieves international recognition in patient safety and continuous quality improvement. The IHB successfully underwent a full hospital-wide accreditation survey in June, conducted by 3 experienced surveyors, over a 3 day period. 

The survey was undertaken by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI). The Hospital not only achieved the level required in all areas but was also rated at an ‘excellent level’ of achievement in a number of different areas.

One of these areas was in the Hospital’s electronic management system, including its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and its Computerised Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system. “Having a fully integrated EMR and CPOE system automatically improves upon communication which directly improves upon patient safety,” says Mr. Chris Lewis, IHB Chief Operating Officer.

The aim of the accreditation process is to ensure policies, procedures, systems, standards of care, staff competency and the organizational culture fully support patient safety, and continuous quality improvement. The ACHSI standards not only look at the actual clinical care provided to patients but also all other areas of hospital management including; medication safety; infection control; food safety; fire safety; facility safety, emergency planning; staff recruitment; licensure; ethics; compliance to laws and regulations, and the overall governance of the organisation.

The accreditation project was headed by Mr. Tim Gardner (Administrator), Dr. Orville Gundran (Patient Safety & Quality Director) and Mr. Chris Lewis (Chief Operating Officer). The accreditation status is valid until August 2017. However the Hospital will undergo an interim survey in June 2015 to ensure that it is maintaining the highest of standards and implementing measures that ensure the continual improvement of the care of the patient. The various patient safety rounds, headed by Mr. Tim Gardner and his team, are based on the ACHSI standards and the NHRA (National Health Regulatory Authority) standards. “Regular safety rounds help ensure that the organisation not only maintains accreditation standards, but seek to continuously improve upon those standards,” says Mr. Tim Gardner.