If you have a Comment or Concern


We are most eager to know. The International Hospital of Bahrain is honoured and pleased to receive all constructive criticism and ideas for improvement. We are happy when you share your thoughts of the quality of service, and means of improving it for us to serve you better. Most of your concerns can be handled by talking with your doctor or other caregivers.


Patient Satisfaction

•The Patient Satisfaction Index in the outpatient is a great measure of the pulse of the services we perform. It has been a source of encouragement for all of us when we do well, and a source of immediate corrective action when there is room for improvement. Please take the trouble on your way out to evaluate our Out-Patient services by entering your evaluation on our computerized touch-screen Patient Satisfaction Index (PSI) Unit. If you need assistance a staff member from Patient Services will help you. It usually takes less than a minute of your time, but its impact, and its importance takes hours and days from those concerned in the International Hospital of Bahrain. 

•If the International Hospital of Bahrain is a not-for-profit community healthcare facility, then you know that it is our privilege to be of service to you. Our service, dedication and calling to serve you is all we have. Help us to help you.