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Health Check Unit

Health screening is essential for the early detection of diseases and conditions that cause disability and death. The lifestyle and stress of modern living can have an adverse impact on our health by predisposing us to silent killers such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancers. Therefore, health screening is vital as it detects diseases, which do not produce early warning signs. Early detection and prevention is key to good health into our extended years.

With personalised attention from our dedicated team of healthcare professionals, our aim is to enrich your well-being and enhance your health education. Our health screening services are suitable for both individuals and corporate organisations.

You should take charge of your health and have an evaluation to prevent any potential health risks. Early detection allows diagnosis and management of illnesses to be done appropriately. When all that is taken care of, your health and wellness is then enhanced to achieve your lifestyle aspirations.

Our health screening programmes are carefully designed to examine and assess the overall state of your health, detect and investigate signs of illnesses that you may not be aware of.

Executive Health Check
Executive Cardiac Health Check
Basic Health Check
Well Women Screening
Pre-Employment Check
Pre-Marital Screening

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