General Services



The International Hospital of Bahrain is blessed with more than enough space to offer convenient free parking at the Hospital site, including dedicated ´Disabled Persons Parking´ spaces. A free of charge valet parking service is available. Ask the Security Officer on duty in the Customer Car Park for assistance with parking, if required.


Bus Service

There is a bus service that stops directly outside the International Hospital of Bahrain, on Budayia Highway.


Taxi Service

Metered Taxi services are easily available to and from the Hospital, including:

• Speedy Motors: Tel: 17 682999

• London Taxi: Tel: 17 461746


Ambulance Service

The International Hospital of Bahrain offers a modern, fully equipment ambulance service, for both routine and emergency calls. A charge is applicable for the use of the ambulance service, including airport pickups. To arrange the ambulance, please telephone the Hospital on 17-598222. A national ambulance service is available for emergencies. Telephone ´999´ for emergency assistance.


Telephone Service

All patient rooms are provided with telephones. We ask that calls placed to patients´ rooms be made only between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm to provide a quiet time for our patients.


Television Service

A wide selection of popular channels is available via Satellite TV. The service is complimentary. Press ´TV Channel List´ on the remote control for the channel list.


Newspaper Service

Newspapers are delivered daily to your room. Please discuss with your assigned nurse to arrange either the Arabic or the English language newspaper.


Wi-Fi Service

The International Hospital of Bahrain offers its patients and families free Wi-Fi Internet service. With multiple hotspots throughout the hospital, you will find our wireless network easy to access and use, including all patient rooms, Café Layal, and the ICU. Please ask your assigned nurse if you need any assistance.


Patient Education Service

The International Hospital of Bahrain offers its patients a comprehensive online Patient Education Service. This is available from the computer screen in your room. Please ask your assigned nurse for any assistance.



Mail will be delivered daily to your room. Any mail coming to the International Hospital of Bahrain after your discharge will be forwarded to your home address.