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Modern Trends in Retina

The International Symposium on the Modern Trends in Retina was a major forum that gathered vision researchers and practitioners that explored the vast and varied efforts underway to unlock the mysteries surrounding retinal diseases. The event brought together leaders from the field of ophthalmic research.

The said event was held at the The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel on 30 November 2008. Dr. Deepak Khosla was the Chairman for the International Symposium Scientific Committee.

The following faculty were invited to discuss various topics on retina:

  • Dr. Peter Hamilton 
  • Prof. Dr. Karl Ulrich Bartz-Schmidt 
  • Dr. John Dominic Anthony McHugh 
  • Dr. Chidamber B.S. 
  • Dr. Pramod S. Bhende 
  • Dr. Lokesh Gupta