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Antenatal Class

IHB antenatal classes are a great way to find answers to all your questions about labour and birth.

Classes run by the International Hospital of Bahrain are free.

What are antenatal classes?

  • Antenatal classes come in various forms, but all have the same aim. They all set out to prepare you for labour, birth, and early parenthood. Some focus only on labour and birth, while others guide you through late pregnancy and the first weeks with your baby.
  • Prenatal classes are useful tools for asking questions, gathering information´s, and to socializing with other pregnant women and their families.


Why go to antenatal classes?

  • Learn how to make pregnancy more comfortable.
  • Get answers to common questions and concerns.
  • Learn about prenatal development.
  • Learn about danger signals in pregnancy.
  • Learn about premature labor and how to prevent it.
  • Learn how to involve family in pregnancy and birth.
  • Learn good communication skills and birth plans.
  • Learn about false and true labor.
  • Learn what to expect during labor and birth.
  • Learn about pain relief options.
  • Learn about caring for your new baby.
  • Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and how to get started.
  • Learn about the importance of various types of support changes with the changing needs of women as they move from pregnancy to labor and delivery, and then to the postpartum period.
  • Help to focus on pregnancy and forthcoming labor and birth.
  • Have a great social function because you meet other pregnant women sharing prenatal class with you and exchange a lot of concerns about pregnancy with you during class discussion.


The content of the antenatal classes include the following:

  • Information on early pregnancy
  • Information about the process of labor and childbirth
  • What-to-expect when some medical procedures and interventions take place
  • Physical preparations for labor and childbirth
  • Advice and practice on relaxation and pushing techniques during labor
  • Learning about different birth positions
  • Guide to pain relief choices
  • Chance to learn about massage skills and breathing techniques during labor
  • Breast feeding technique and its advantages
  • Problems of breast feeding and breast engorgement and how to overcome such problem
  • Stages of labor
  • Post natal care and check up


Women-only classes

  • Not every woman wants to take her partner to an prenatal class, for whatever reason, and this is why women-only classes are an option. Single women and those whose partners are away may find these classes particularly useful. Many others also enjoy the close bond that can develop in women-only classes, where she often have the opportunity to talk and discuss subjects that may not be covered during couples´ classes.

Couples´ classes

  • These are usually for first-time parents and help both partners get involved in the preparations for labor and birth. For many men, couples' classes offer to focus on the pregnancy, which can make the process more real for them. It´s also an opportunity to meet other fathers-to-be. You can sign up any time for our antenatal classes which are free, flexible and friendly. 
  • For inquiries and registration, you may call +973 17598222.