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The International Hospital Bahrain (IHB) celebrated an-other important milestone in its quality and patient safety journey on September 29 when Dr. Desmond Yen, Executive Director – International Business for ACHS presented the hospital’s first international healthcare accreditation certificate in recognition of achievement during their recent EQuIP5 Organization-wide Survey. He congratulated the team on their collective achievement and acknowledged the importance of strong leadership and a culture of continuous quality improvement.

“Mr. Zeerah and the IHB team deserve congratulations for achieving this wonderful result. The surveyors were impressed by many aspects of the Hospital and the effective use of new technologies to enhance the delivery of clinical services,” he said.

The Hospital has enjoyed local recognition for a wide range of achievements over many years but this achievement in particular demonstrates their intrinsic commitment to providing the best possible quality of services to the local community.

During the presentation, Mr. Faysal Zeerah, IHB President and CEO acknowledged the partnership that had developed between the Hospital and ACHS International, a partnership focused on the evaluation and improvement of outcomes for all patients accessing the Hospital’s services. He said the accreditation process and the preparation for organisation-wide survey had energised all health professions and support staff and unified them in a common goal.

Dr. Orville Gundrun, Director of Quality and Patient Safety acknowledged the huge contribution from the entire hospital staff as they prepared for international accreditation. “I commend all staff for their dedication to quality and patient safety. Without their support, none of this would be possible.” He also acknowledged the never ending nature of healthcare quality improvement: “We’re not done yet! This is just the beginning of our quality journey,” he said.

Mr. Chris Lewis, the Hospital’s Chief Operations Officer said “From the initial exploratory meeting, through to the gap analysis, culminating in the actual accreditation survey, we found the whole ACHSI team absolutely professional in their approach and guidance ... to us the ACHSI teams are not ´surveyors´, they have become firmly established as our partners in quality and patient safety.”

Mr. David Miller, ACHS Consultant/surveyor said the IHB has demonstrated a huge appetite for improvement from the gap analysis through to the onsite survey. I” had the pleasure of collaborating with them during this time and witnessed their enormous capacity to get things done through staff engagement and motivation. It was quite extraordinary to witness and needs to be congratulated. Well done to all,” he said.

Mr. Tim Gardner, the Hospital’s Administration Manager and seasoned ACHS Surveyor commented that the accreditation process provided an excellent way for the Hospital to develop teamwork and an organisation-wide culture of patient safety and continuous quality improvement.

These points were echoed by Sr. Vivian Macavinta, Director of Nursing who said: “With ACHSI Accreditation our patients can be confident that there are appropriate processes in place to ensure high standards of care based on an experienced and competent team, sound supervision and a care environment that ensures safety, comfort and privacy.” The IHB is poised to build on their accreditation success to implement a new raft of ambitious patient orientated improvements. The energy generated by em-barking on EQuIP will stand them in good stead to achieve even more in the future and we wish them well in their aspirations and look forward to long-term collaboration with this valued member.