About the International Hospital of Bahrain

We are the Kingdom ́s first private medical center.

Dedicated to affordable quality healthcare.

From the small private clinic of our founder, Dr. Faysal Saeed Zeerah, we  evolved to be a major community hospital.

We dedicate ourselves to the service of our Community; who supports us since we started in 1978.

We have pride in our Doctors, nurses and all staff. 

Our prices are very competitive, rest assured. Note that our Fixed Price Procedures, and packages for surgery and delivery are comprehensive, and there are no extras. Please note this fact when you compare the price of our procedures with the prices of other respected institutes. Many will have extra costs which are excluded from the package price. These extras can be substantial. We are all biased to the welfare of our patient, and we have a very active, and substantial financial assistance and charity programme.

We have an excellent relationship with most of the health insurance companies, and we honour the cards of most. If your insurance company does not deal with the International Hospital of Bahrain, please let us know, and we will contact them on your behalf. At least we want to know why. We can assure you that there is no valid reason, as we are most supportive of health insurance.

If you have not visited the International Hospital of Bahrain lately, and if you are looking for the most suitable or convenient healthcare facility for you and for your loved ones, then why don’t you drop in for a coffee, and let us show you round? We invite you to do so. You may find that it is your Hospital, and you would like to associate with it. You may be surprised. Call Martyn, and he will receive you, and take care of you.

The International Hospital of Bahrain realised the importance of training for First Aid, and developed the skills and qualifications of its people over the years to reach the highest standards. It is the first non-governmental hospital in Bahrain to be certified as an American Heart Association (AHA) approved International Training Center.